Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Green Bunny: Bunny + Art + Green = Awesome

Here at the 9 to 5 Hoppers we love bunnies. But did you know we love green and art? If you're in the metro Detroit Area and are in the mood for some art, might we suggest the Green Bunny?

The details are as follows:
Green Bunny is a mixed media show featuring works by artists who used recycled and earth friendly materials . Juxtaposing delicate and even perishable objects found in nature with pre-loved toys, antique hardware, and consumer debris - often looking worse for wear than their organic companions. The exhibit includes works by: Miranda (aka Mrrranda) L. Tarrow Taryn Boyd Joey Merchant Heather Fagan Michelle Kramp Ryan Weiss Greg Loselle and Terri Sarris Dave Moroski.Artists reception will be held on April 18, 6-9 p.m. For more information, call (734) 281-4779 or visit
Venue: Biddle Gallery
Organization: Biddle Gallery
Provisions Provided for Physically Challenged?: Yes
Upcoming Event Dates: May 28 May 29 May 30 May 31 June 3 June 4 June 5 June 6 June 7

More Cute Bunnies!

Here are more of the side-by-side "bunny and friend" pics!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bunny Toys

Looking for great bunny toys for your great bunnies? Look no further. The Bunny Basics has it all, and it's all super affordable and bunny appropriate. Not only that, but they'll donate 10% of the profits to the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary if you enter "GLRS" in the notes section during the checkout procedure. Contact them directly to see if they donate to a shelter near you.

The basket of apple sicks, left, is available for $4.99 and is made of untreated peeled willow. The sticks are organic apple tree twigs. The basket measures 2.5" x 2" (not including the handle).

Friday, May 23, 2008

Adopt a Bunny or two!

After scrolling and trolling some of my favorite bunny sites I came across these two adorable adoptable lion head bunnies. I have included their info from petfinder and the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary. Check them out and send to a friend who may be interested. So cute!

Description: Snowy and Hanna are about a year old. These girls love to play with each other. When there is a box in their playpen, they will climb on it, jump on and off, and play 'Queen of the Box'. They are never apart from each other for very long. They love to chew on straw and wood blocks. Snowy is the white one, and Hanna is the orange one with dark gray stripes. Snowy's fur is so soft. She has a very laid back disposition. Hanna has the color and pattern of a tiger and the mane of a lion. She is a little shy, but still very sweet. These cute bunnies would make an excellent addition to your family. NOTE: Snowy and Hanna do not reside at the sanctuary. We are posting them here in an effort to find them a home. Please contact Donna Kracker at for more information. Thank you!

Both are listed as litter trained and spayed.

For adoption information, please contact, (734) 461-1726, or visit us at

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bunny's woogity nose and digging prowess

Ella has the cutest bunny nose. She loves to dig as most bunnies do, so I let her go to town on some old pillows from time to time. Enjoy the super adorable video!

Rabbit Fun Facts

Rabbit fun facts from around the web and my own reading experience:

Rabbits can see behind them, but have blind spot in front of their face.

Rabbits can't vomit.

Rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents. Rabbits are actually more closely related to horses than they are to mice. Rabbits and horses share similarities in their diet and in their method of digesting food.

A pet rabbit can live as long as 10 years.

Rabbits can literally be scared to death by a predator.

Rabbits have a scent gland under their chin and they "chin" things and even people to mark them with their scent.

Softwood shavings (pine & cedar) should not be used for bedding.

That's all for today, but check back for more fun facts and funny stories, you'll find them! If you need one right now, check out the always helpful

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bunnies and Puppies!

Many apologies, with all the fast changes in my life, this site feel low on the list, but no more! I was sent some super cute bunny pictures and must start sharing them! I have no one to credit for them, but enjoy.